Saturday, August 9, 2008

Communion with nature

It is enough to lie on the sward in the shadow of green boughs, to listen to the songs of summer, to drink in the sunlight the air, the flowers, the sky, the beauty of all. Or upon the hill-tops to watch the white clouds rising over the curved hill-lines, their shadows descending the slope. Or on the beach to listen to the sweet sigh as the smooth sea runs up the recedes. It is lying beside the immortals, in drawing the life of the ocean, the earth, the sun. I want to always be in the company of these, with earth, and sun, and sea, and stars by night. The pettiness of house life - chairs and tables - and the pettiness of observances, the petty necessity of useless labour; useless, because productive of nothing, chafe me the year through. I want to be always in the company with the sun, the sea, and the earth. These, and the stars by night, are my natural companions. 
- R. Jefferies   

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