Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Sara...


Peace flows into me
As the tide to the pool by the shore;
It is mine forever more,
It ebbs not back like the sea.
I am the pool of blue that worships the vivid sky;
My hopes were heaven-high,
They are fulfilled by you.
I am the pool of gold,
When sunset burns and dies,
You are my deepening skies,
Give me your stars to hold.

There will come soft rains

There will come soft rains and the smell of the ground,
And swallows circling with their shimmering sound;
And frogs in the pools singing at night,
And wild plum trees in tremulous white,
Robins will wear their feathery fire
Whistling their whims on a low fence-wire;
And not one will know the war,
Not one will care at last when it is done.
Not one would mind, neither bird nor tree
If mankind perished utterly;
And Spring herself, when she woke at dawn,
Would scarcely know that we were gone.

I am not yours

I am not yours, not lost in you,
Not lost, although I long to be
Lost as a candle lit at noon,
Lost as a snowflake at sea.
You love me, and I find you still
A spirit beautiful and bright,
Yet I am I, who long to be
Lost as a light is lost in light.
Oh plunge me deep in love, 
Put out my senses, leave me deaf and blind,
Swept by the tempest of your love,
A taper in rushing wind.

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