Monday, March 16, 2009


One of my very talented siblings (I have have 3) is having a solo exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ballarat...her name is Petra Nevistic...they on paper...the show runs from April 10th to May 24th and the opening is on April 18th at if you are in Ballarat town come and see what sort of Apparitions she's been having lately...

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you-wee because said...

...I'm not really sure if I can take the chance to come to Ballarat in April or May (2009)...

..but you never know what life holds ready for you in future... ;-)

Hi Sylvia!

This object looks really fine and translucent and it's a pity that I have no chance for a brief visit because of the little distance between Australia and good old Europe.
But it's always enjoyable to see what happens on the other side of our planet... :-)

The recent weekend my wife and I were on a short trip to catch the spring sun somewhere. And we found it at the westerly parts of Switzerland at Lake Geneva. Sometime I hopefully will find some time to doctor (edit) my pictures from Geneva and post them on the blog. But at the moment there's nearly no time to do this.

Enjoy your life down under,