Wednesday, May 27, 2009

August Sander

My Mum checked out an exhibition of photographs from August Sander over a year ago. She gave me a small book of his images, I had the book packed up for ages and just found thought I'd share a bit about the man and some of his work. All images and information are from here..
I love that he travelled the countryside on a bicycle to find subjects...and that he spent a lifetime documenting the people of his "native Westerwald"...Later on in his photography career his work turned to nature and architectural studies (so I have more images to seek out, looking forward to finding some of these photographs)....I'll post more in the future...

"We know that people are formed by the light and air, by their inherited traits, and their actions. We can tell from appearance the work someone does or does not do; we can read in his face whether he is happy or troubled.." 

- August Sander

Portrait of August Sander after his nap 1936

Child, Westerwald 1926 - 1927

Farm children, Westerwald 1920

Young Girl in a Circus Caravan 1929

Circus Artist, Duren 1930 - 1932

Beggar couple, Neuwied 1928

Country Girls 1925

Blacksmiths 1926

Dancers 1929


you-wee because said...

Hey! This is more & more a German photo blog... ;-))

I love these old photographies, too. Several years ago I scanned a lot of old family photos from the early days of my grandparents on my mother's side. Because I was preparing a photo documentation for the 60th birthday of my mum. I got my hands on photos I never saw before and it was the first time I got an idea about their circumstances of life in the 1930th & 1940th - so before and during WW II.

I have to check on which hard drive or DVD I saved the files, but when I luckily will find them, I will publish some of these contemporary documents, too.

You always surprise us with a real fascinating mixture of "good stuff" on our blog, Sylvia!

Keep it up!

Regards, Uwe.

schmookie said...

Hey Uwe,

It does seem like I am focusing on German creatives...I guess it gives me more of an idea as to where I come own heritage...

Really looking forward to seeing those photos from your past..

All the very best from Australien


Katherine Bowman said...

I love these photos, very inspiring!