Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sir Henry Wellcome - an interesting chap

Sir Henry Wellcome co-founded a drug firm and from profits made, he collected a massive amount of items and objects. It's said that by the time he died the collection reached approximately 1 million items. He had experts to travel all over the world to satisfy his habit. He was very secretive and would use pseudonyms to try and create false trails so that auction houses or dealers wouldn't know he was bidding and mark prices up.

He opened the Historical Medical Museum in 1913 which was designed for serious research and placed a lot of restrictions on access for those wanting to view collections. This made numbers low and the museum closed. Many of his collections lay in storage by the time Wellcome died. After he died many pieces of his collection were dispersed across the world. All images come from here and information about Wellcome come from here.

The Persian miniature paintings from late 17th early 18th century below are a couple of pieces from his collection I fancy quite a lot..


joanne26 said...

What marvellous illustrations, wonder what the writing says....probably very insightful.

David Neale said...

nice 'tache!!