Saturday, October 31, 2009


You might notice that I take a lot of photographs of native and exotic plants. Well mostly all that I have posted on my blog are taken from where I live...and now "heaven scent" is up for if you are thinking of a lifestyle change then check out here ...its all about the property. 

Change can happen so quickly in our lives...sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad...but mostly to just shake things up a bit...and I'm ready for a bit of shakin'

A little something I wrote for my wonderful mama...

She takes her by the arm, leading her toward the back door,
It was time again for their ritual walk, come rain, hail or shine,
It was a walk she became fond of from the beginning.
The sun was high in the sky, a lovely breeze, a perfect day.
She always seemed to notice something different;
A new seed pod, a seedling struggling to be noticed by the sun, the glorious smell of the lavender.
As they head back to the house, she always seems to be clutching something in her hands,
A precious find, more inspiration...

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Alison said...

Such a beautiful piece to begin such a beautiful weekend, so reminds me of one of my daughters,will notice the tiniest peice of something amazing something different beckoning for her to hold and treasure :-)