Tuesday, December 29, 2009

joelistics & roa

Just watched an episode of bush slam on ABC...love this idea of heading into towns & coming up with a poem to yell out to a crowd at the end of a few days....This episode was shot in Cowra...not too far from where I grew up...Joel Ma aka Joelistics recited a fabulous poem, but I couldn't find it so I have posted the one below instead...equally fantastic...the graffiti/stencil art below is by roa not really relevant to the words...just like it...


I am by virtue of my own nature a passionate creature.
I’m a pizza eater, a police deceiver, a fire-breathing truth-speaker
with a meat cleaver ready for the head of 
Eddie McGuire and Anthony Callea.
I mean, I’m a dreamer, like Martin Luther or Mark Viduka or Seargent Pepper,
I’m a flesh computer with a brain Beretta,
the living personificaton of the alphabet right down to the last letter.
And language is a living entity, according to Terence McKenna.

I am by virtue of my ancestors a travelling man...
like a troubadour or a minstrel.
But I’m a minstrel with principles.
I’m a minstrel with principles that are simple.
I’m a minstrel with simple principles that are sensible,
like don’t fight a war over petrol,
don’t follow governments that are deceptional,
and people who get plastic surgery look extra-terrestrial.
What else?
If Jesus ever does comes back you’ll find him at some hippie festival
getting technical in a teepee, drinking chai, eating seaweed,
using his testicals in rituals, getting mystical and sexual,
saying things like "Everybody be cool!"
And I’ma be like, “Word, bro. Pour me another glass of merlot.”
I am by virtue of my first few acid trips
a foot soldier of the infinite paradox.
I use a mic like a cattle prod,
and I rattle locks when I connect the dots.
I’m a long list of issues to work through
staying out way past my mental curfew,
and I’ll immerse you in the glue of my world view
and do whatever works dude, but I warn you,
 when I corner you with my point of view
and I coin a few linguistically catchy platitudes,
I’m just a pawn like you.
And my attitude is a growing feud between a brain that’s bruised 
and a heart with a very short fuse.
Touch me and I will go boom.

I am by virtue of my Y chromosome
another Napoleon Hitler Osama Bin Al Capone,
in that I’m capable of doing things that you can and you can’t condone.
I am Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian,
both perpetrator and victim,
I’m the dictionary definition of the human condition
with a self-sabotage gene, and when it kicks in
I’m capable of doing things which will make your head spin.

I am by virtue of my five senses in full support of pulling down fences,
from the imprisonment of the defenceless to Middle East tensions,
to world leaders with tempers whose policies are senseless.
Every day I wake up and wonder where the dissent is.
I ask the previous generation but no one remembers.
It seems their fire burnt down to embers,
they forgot about the emphasis,
and got fat like that singer from Memphis did.
Now they’re busy in 9 to 5 trenches, paying mortgages on weekenders
where they holiday in Decembers buying white goods and blenders
Land Cruisers and Mercedes Benzes.

But I am by virtue of my intellect
...just another goddamn hypocrite
full of bullshit like a televangelist at a pulpit
or a full sick Lars Ulrich.
I listen to Bill Hicks and I’m painfully aware that this world is broken
because the human race is fixed.
It’s sick, it’s the pits, and we’re all in it’s grip
and it sits in my mind and it starts to play tricks.
But I still think of myself as an idealist,
with a wish list and a clenched fist and a French kiss
for everything that exists from Tehran to Texas.
I’m a bleeding-heart leftie 
pacifist amorous anarchist activist Cassius Clay kind of brain,
with a massive appetite for change.

- Joelistics 


you-wee because said...

Happy New Year, dear blog friend!

Health, joy of living, sun at heart, close (?) - amicable (!) encounters of the third kind, sufficient material of good friends, huge curiosity, ...


schmookie said...

Happy New Year Uwe..

Sorry its taken me so long to reply...Been so busy with moving, etc...

Thank you for your well wishes...

Don't know about the encounters of the third kind...but look forward adventures in 2010..

Hope you are starting to defrost over there in Germany..