Monday, May 31, 2010


I have been a fan of "THE T" for many years. I have absolutely no idea why I am posting about him...well its not really all about Mr T...its about what he represents to me I guess...he is one tough nut to crack...resilience is certainly a trait that requires a bit of a thick skin and the ability to see through to the end of things...sometimes when things get that little bit too much for me...I think what would Mr T say or makes me laugh...and then I get back on track...SO SUCKER...WEAR IT AND SHUT UP! Thanks to the fabulous blog for the image...not sure where they found it...


you-wee because said...

...after a certain time you do not miss anything when giving up to continue your blog, am I right?
Before that you thought you could not life without blogging...
Every time has its... how shall I say... phases. And I'm not sure if my stage of blogging comes to an end, too.

I just want to send my regards to you, Sylvia!

I hope you are doing well on the other side of planet Earth!


schmookie said...

Hello Uwe!!!

It has been a long while between posting and saying hello to you..I haven't decided to stop blogging...Just gave it a big break...but am back again...I have moved my blog to a new place

I hope that you are keeping your summer comes to an end...our winter (which has been very wet) is coming to an end...I am looking forward to some sunshine...more opportunity for photography which I have been missing of late..

Well keep in touch...take care of you and yours..